Position held while I was with Vontarga:
Chief Operating Officer, managing personal over the world.
Developed Corporate ID, Web site
User Interface for app,
User Interface, Architecture, Avatars, and 3D models for Virtual world
Artist impression for the building of the YMCA for Tigard, Oregan.
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I've been doing business online, since 2007, and have several shops in Second Life. I've also been commissioned to do other jobs through the internet, e. g. Book illustrations and 3D architect sketches from plans, communicating through Skype and email. I also do Social Media Marketing. (See Marketing)
Second Life Businesses
Second Life Businesses
Buildings in different sets - Western, Medieval, Gorean, bars and clubs, and modern sets.
Clothes in different colour ways, make up, tats, eyes, skins, shoes, jewelry, dresses, and other clothing sets.
Bars, clubs, poses  & animations.
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