Textile Design:
Print Layout:
Corporate ID:

Web Design:
3D Modeling:

UI Design:
Speaker Support:

Fabric & terry design
Book illustration (hard copy & digital)
Layout of books & brochures
Designing of Corporate IDs, stationary & logos
2D & 3D animation for TV productions & online applications
Planning, graphics & layout for websites
30+ experience in marketing (print & digital)
Creating 3D models and Avatars for gaming & other applications
Planning & creating user interfaces for games
Planning, creating & designing presentations (also multimedia)
Planning, designing, programming & managing of interactive multimedia
Adobe Suite (except Dreamweaver*)
Animation & 3D Modeling:
Blender, 3DsMax*, Maya*, ZBrush, Unity 3D, & other software (free)
Web Design:
Quark Express, Various WYSIWYG software and other free applications
Director, Power Point

*Due to not being able to buy the software since I've been freelancing, I am not up to date with these applications/software, but will catch up quickly if need be.
Special Skills:
Organizing information into presentable and logical order.
Planning marketing strategies.
Organizing & managing projects
Texturing for 3D Modeling and other applications

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